Nabeel's Salad Dressing
$3.95 per bottle
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Tsitalia Olive Oil (500ML)
$6.89 per bottle
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Tsitalia Olive Oil (750ML)
$8.99 per bottle
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Tsitalia Olive Oil (3 Liter)
$36.99 per bottle
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Only the finest authentic Greek ingredients go into this very special salad dressing. Ingredients that create a flavor you just couldn't get anywhere other than our restaurant.

Market & Café is proud to offer our Greek Classic Dressing to your table at home. And ... the recipe for the Greek Peasant Salad (horiatiki as it's called in Greece) is printed on the label for each bottle!

Delight your family and friends with this dressing that keeps our customers coming back for more. Bring a taste of Greece to your salads, grilled fish and meats today!

Only $3.95 per bottle plus shipping.
  12.6 oz (390 ml)  

Tsitalia Olive Oil

Greeks consume more olive oil per person than anyone else on earth. The Crete and Peloponnese are not only the largest oil producers but also produce the best olive oil in the world! That is where TSITALIA extra virgin olive oil comes from. From the olive tree groves of the island of Crete. Consumers, particularly those of us in the U.S.A, are in difficult position, in selecting the correct extra virgin olive oil.

What you want is an oil that gives you pleasure, that you can use with abandon, instead of an expensive luxury that you are afraid to dispense each drop. Olive oil is a commodity meant to be generously poured over salads, cooking meats, fish, poultry, etc. Therefore, you need an oil that is reasonably priced and that is excellent in taste and aroma. TSITALIAŽ Oil gives you all of that; the aroma, the taste and a price that you can't beat. It is a product you can trust because it is brought to you by George Sarris of the Fish Market Restaurant and is available at Nabeel's International Market.

George Sarris imports this oil directly from Greece and specifically from the island of Crete, where the first olive tree was planted some 4,500 years ago. George named the oil TSITALIA to honor his birthplace, a town in the eastern part of Peloponnese, called Tsitalia.