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Close your eyes and imagine a café in Trieste, a tavern in Athens' Plaka, or a bistro in Calabria that you've visited in your travels. You'll find yourself back in these wonderful places when you visit Market & Café!

The atmosphere of the Café and Market offers an Old World feeling, making it easy to believe you're eating or shopping in a comfortable and friendly eclectic European neighborhood. serves authentic Greek, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine in a friendly relaxed family atmosphere, and the aromas filling the two dining rooms ... Oh what aromas! The booths at Nabeel's were used in a 20's coffee shop, and the decor includes architectural artifacts of Greek history aglow in warm lighting, mirrors and an exposed brick wall accented in the winter months with a fireplace.

Open in 1993 in its present form, and located in the beautiful Homewood area, the Café has received many local, national and international accolades. We are featured in Fodors The Best of the South, Southern Living's 1999 Readers Poll as the South's Favorite Restaurant, in Isveatia, a Russian Newspaper published in Moscow, as the only place in Alabama for Russian people to buy authentic Russian food items, and many many more. Visit Nabeel's soon and experience the finest Mediterranean homemade taste. Nabeel's - The Authentic Choice!

At Market & Café Café, what comes to your table is not Haute Cuisine, but it is true and authentic flavors and ingredients of the home cooking of the world. Nothing fancy, just plain delicious homemade cooking.

Our slogan reads The Authentic Mediterranean ChoiceTM because our International Gourmet Market, Market, imports and offers over 1,500 Greek, Italian, Middle-Eastern and Russian gourmet delicacies. So, we use the authentic imported items in all of our cooking, making you feel the taste of our dishes, as if you were eating at a local restaurant in one of these countries. Over 20 varieties/tastes of cheeses, 7 varieties of olives, over 12 varieties of olive oils, Bulgarian roasted peppers, Chinese pine nuts, fresh dates, Turkish Pistachio nuts, and dozens of preservatives, is just a very small representation of the more than 1,500 items imported from these countries. Who else can claim that? Very rarely can any restaurant offer this type of authenticity in their food preparation, taste and originality.

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